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Kill An Established Connection on DD-WRT and TP-LINK Router

So I had an established connection on my router that didn't look like it belonged.  I didn't recognize the device and it wasn't pingable so it was probably a stale old connection.  In this case it was one of my mobile devices which went offline sometime back but didn't close the connection.  On most systems [...]

Remote Desktop Connection: SSH Tunnel through Putty and DD-WRT for RDP / RDC

Occassionally, there may be a need to setup a remote RDP connection to your remote system from outside.  However, most networks, particularly office environments block remote RDP.  However, SSH is typically not blocked as it's secure , first and foremost, and important in data transfer to / from the organization.  RDP however, is not that [...]

Windows / Linux: The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored and IP checksum offload

While setting up my gigabit ethernet network, during simulataneous Windows 7 file transfers to the HTPC+B setup, I've received a number of disconnects, virtually every time while transferring my files.  At the point, I not only lost connectivity with the HTPC+B but also my web access most of the time.  Here are the culprits and [...]

Linux: VNC Connections or the equivalent of Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) in Windows

VNC or the Linux equivalent of Remote Desktop Connection in Windows, allows us to establish a GUI connection to our remote Linux machines as if we were sitting at the machine itself.  Here, we'll undertake the task of configuring this sort of connection to allow us to remotely interact with the Gnome Desktop.

Linux: The source of ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

PROBLEM You get this when trying to SSH to a host from some IP (Let's assume it's for the scope of this problem): ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host What to do?

Linux: Enable extended httpd status reports in Apache through service: fullstatus

Apache HTTPD is the most popular web server to date.  It's extensible and configurable to meet various needs both small and big.  Here we'll focus on extending it's reporting functionality by enabling full status capability to see more granularity in status reports.  As you probably know, the service on Red Hat Linux systems can be [...]

WEB: Webhosting / ISP (Hosting, VoIP, DSL, Cable) Survival Guide

In the not so distant past, there has been an explosion of ISP's on the web which caused the only thing all of them could: dirt cheap hosting.  In fact, the web is virtually flooded with ISP's offering everything imaginable under the sun and space has literally become a door prize.   But what really separates [...]

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