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Archive for September, 2021

OpenWRT: Disable invalid default gateway selection

It indeed happened that the default GW provided on various network interfaces was the router that we do not want to be the GW.  In our case the OpenWRT Raspberry Pi 2 became the GW for any hosts dynamically getting an IP.  So all requests, were sent via the Raspberry Pi 2, which is not […]

OpenWRT: Resolving the /etc/resolv.conf lack of proper DNS resolution.

OpenWRT links /etc/resolv.conf to /tmp/resolv.conf and only adjust entries in /tmp/resov.conf if $localuse is enabled in the UI: The above entered as text, is: DHCP and DNS -> [General Settings] -> [Local domain] : openwrt.mds.xyz mds.xyz nix.mds.xyz mws.mds.xyz DHCP and DNS -> [General Settings] -> Allow localhost : Yes DHCP and DNS -> [General Settings] -> Local Service […]

Your connection is not private: Trusting your own LAB SelfSigned Certificates in Kaspersky, Windows and Chrome

This use case scenario is aimed at those folks who are developing on their local environment and need to trust a set of certificates. This is so they are not always prompted for verification to a domain they know is already trusted and safe.  Despite that site having self signed certificates as is the case […]

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