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Off Screen Windows: Recover by Resizing and Moving

Here are a few ways of recovering off screen windows by resizing and moving them.  This is particularly handy for folks that use multiple monitors then switch locations that have different configurations.  This table summarizes the options: # Method Keyboard ALT + TAB to Application Then: ALT + SPACE then M ( SHIFT + M […]

Windows / Linux: The local device name is already in use. This connection has not been restored and IP checksum offload

While setting up my gigabit ethernet network, during simulataneous Windows 7 file transfers to the HTPC+B setup, I've received a number of disconnects, virtually every time while transferring my files.  At the point, I not only lost connectivity with the HTPC+B but also my web access most of the time.  Here are the culprits and […]

Linux / Windows Networking: Configuring and securing a router for Wireless and Wired Networks.

Here I would like to take you through the steps to configuring and securing a router (In this case we will use the WRT54G as an example) for your home or small office setup.  Securing a router can be very important especially when the wireless function is enabled.  Likely the most important reason is to […]

Networking: Sharing folders between Windows and Linux using Samba

There are plenty of ways to share resources and files between two or more computers.  You could do things like: Email yourself an attachment. Use FTP between the two PC's. Use SSH between the two computers. Use sneaker-net: copy the files to Flash Disk, DVD, CD, (gulp) floppy etc. and walk over to the other […]

Firefox: Firefox could not install the file at ‘URL’ because: Signing could not be verified

PROBLEM Just today an issue came up for me installing the google toolbar.  (This Google toolbar has been in Beta for a while now, which caught my attention and may or should catch yours: Beta releases are buggy.  That may be beside the point though since I don't care as long as it does it's […]

Winamp: No sound when playing MP3 files or other media.

PROBLEM When trying to play MP3 files in any version of WinAmp, there is no sound.  The same file may play well in other players like Windows Media Player but not in WinAmp.

MS Windows Tweaking: Performance, Security and Annoyances

Here is a set of things to try for those of you suffering from poor PC performance, very slow boot up times, very slow application start up times, generally slow windows performance, security problems and other annoyances on Windows systems. 

Windows Excel: Creating Drop Down Menus

Creating Drop Down Menus in Excel 1.    Type the list of items you want to include in your drop down menu in an area of the worksheet that is not visible and/or will not be typed over.

Windows Word: Creating Drop Down Menus

Creating Drop Down Menus in MS Word 1) To create a drop down menu in Word, go to the area where you would like your menu to appear:

Microsoft Word: Cursor is at the top of the page in MS Word 2003

Cursor is at the top of the page in MS Word 2003 Most people check their page setup but find that everything is set right. What may have happened is that the View settings for the Print Layout somehow got changed to hide any white space between pages. To correct this, go to:

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