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Off Screen Windows: Recover by Resizing and Moving

Here are a few ways of recovering off screen windows by resizing and moving them.  This is particularly handy for folks that use multiple monitors then switch locations that have different configurations.  This table summarizes the options:

# Method
Keyboard ALT + TAB to Application


ALT + SPACE then M ( SHIFT + M ) then either use the arrow keys or move the mouse as it will ove the window since it will be attached to the application window at this point.

Mouse Right click on the app icon on the taskbar then click Move.  Your mouse should now be attached to the window.  Just move the mouse around to get your window back.  You can also use the arrow keys at this point to move the window as well.
Maximize option Right click on the app ion on the taskbar then click Maximize.  This should maximize in the current window.  Then left click and hold on the title bar to drag.
Windows Key Click the icon in the taskbar then hold down the Windows key and use the arrow keys to move the window back into view.


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