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AIX Linux Permissions Problems and Solution of CHMOD 0

Nuking your permissions problems on a server is typically just as bad as wiping out the server.  Before you start trying to compare permissions server to server based on what they were elsewhere on a similar host, take a backup of the already misconfigured host.  Yeah your system is already messed up but at least [...]

Destination Host Unreachable

While testing the NIC connectivity and speed for my HTPC / Home Backup system, I get this unpleasant surprise.  Needles to say the issue was really due to the high transfer speeds on my 1GB/s network that that intel card has appeared to have a bit of difficulty with.  The difficulty has now been resolved [...]

VLC: VideoLAN video player: Failed to connect to the D-Bus session daemon: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: No protocol specified

The VLC player is rumoured to be one of the best players to day for playing many different formats including mts and m2ts proprietary SONY formats. (Which just so happens to be the format of my Camcorder movies)  This is the way my camcorder has been saving them in and to date, there are few [...]

Creating associative or hash arrays in bash using sed and strings without the use of arrays, looping and conditionals.

Hashes are a certainly very important part of any language.  If you're not used to hashes, you may not see their potential at first.  However, having used them in several languages now, hashes always ended up reducing my code significantly especially when only complex solutions would only do otherwise.  However, bash or ksh for that [...]

Fedora 10+: UI video / graphics problems upon reboot to Fedora 10+. Graphics are unreadable.

PROBLEM One of the first things that went wrong after upgrading to Fedora 10 was the UI screen was unreadable / undescernable.  The screen was entirely messed up and though the keyboard worked fine, it wasn't easy to discern the UI windows from the shades of red, yellow, blue, green etc grany dots that showed [...]

Graphics and Video: Changing the graphics/video resolution with xrandr

PROBLEM How do I change my screen resolution?  Changes made in the GUI control panel option in KDE 4.0 are just not sticking or are not becoming permanent / saved. SOLUTION

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