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Setup PS3 Controller With a Computer (PC) or Laptop

We've baught outselves four Intec PS3 controllers from The Source for about $3 each.  Yep, you read that right.  Just $3. Pulled up some old classic shooters that we haven't tried for some time but without a controller, they won't work.  Most controllers today, even the cheapest ones, are far better then the old ones from the Gravis Gamepad days.  The equivalent PS3  or PC Controllers are typically around $20 but in this case the deal was too good.  The question or not was whether this is going to work with a regular PC / Computer / Laptop.   It turns out that it can.

Turns out that this is a very simple process and all the steps needed are really to visit http://www.motioninjoy.com/ (Driver Manager Site: www.motionjoy.com) then Download their app that has drivers for this sort of thing.  Look for a stable release which is typically marked with 32bit and 64bit all in one: or similar. Click on the site link next to it to download the .zip.  Extract then run executable to install.  This will install the app under DS3 Tool app name in Windows or the app will just open up after installation.  Run this to configure and install the driver.  Before doing that, plug in the PS3 controller. Once this is done click on Driver Manager menu option and ensure you can see something like this in the Hardware Location table:

Port_#0002.Hub_#0001 USB\VID_054C&PID_0268&REV_0100

Once seen, click the checkbox then click Load Driver button below the checkbox to install.  At this point your controller should start to work. 

Happy Gaming!


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