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Windows Word: Creating Drop Down Menus

Creating Drop Down Menus in MS Word

1) To create a drop down menu in Word, go to the area where you would like your menu to appear: https://i0.wp.com/www.microdevsys.com/WordPressImages/Word-DropDownMenu-I.jpg

2) Activate the Forms toolbar if not already showing:


3) You should see the following toolbar:


4) To add the drop down list, click on the Drop-Down Form Field button:


5) You will now see a grey box:


6) Double click the box and the Drop-Down Form Field Options window will appear: https://i0.wp.com/www.microdevsys.com/WordPressImages/Word-DropDownMenu-VI.jpg

7) If you want the field to appear empty before making a selection, with your cursor in the Drop-down item: field, press the space bar and click on Add. Your screen will now appear as below: Note: the number of spaces you enter will determine how long the grey area will appear:


NOTE: the number of spaces you enter will determine how long the grey area will appear.

8 ) Add all the list items one at a time and then click OK. I recommend putting a space before and after the list item or it will appear too close to the left and right hand border:

9) To activate the menu, you have to protect the document. To do so, click on the Protect Form icon:


10) You should now see the drop-down arrow:


11) When you click on the arrow, your list will appear:


12) To make changes, unprotect the form by clicking on the icon again:


Good Luck!

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