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Dual Gateway / Router setup with DD-WRT and TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND

In this post we'll look at setting up a dual router 1GB/s home network using the TL-WR1043ND routers, both with DD-WRT software.  DD-WRT is one of the documented projects and it goes a long way in making the product very stable and easy to work with. The routers are also capable of Wireless N connections […]

LINUX PXE: Installing and Network Booting Windows 7, Linux, Solaris using PXE

In this post we'll configure network booting through PXE.  PXE stands for Preboot eXecution Environment and has been available for Network Devices (or NIC's) for some time.  Such a network boot setup has many uses in particular in OS setup and deployment.  In this post I'll introduce the steps to quickly set one up.  The […]

Linux / Windows Networking: Configuring and securing a router for Wireless and Wired Networks.

Here I would like to take you through the steps to configuring and securing a router (In this case we will use the WRT54G as an example) for your home or small office setup.  Securing a router can be very important especially when the wireless function is enabled.  Likely the most important reason is to […]

Fedora & KDE: ERROR: Couldn’t attach to DCOP server!

DCOP server is essentially communication software used by various Linux systems to allow applications to talk to each other.  For example, copying and pasting from kword to say firefox would occur through klipper (KDE clipboard) currently and the way the copied data moves between these applications is DCOP.  More recently, DCOP has been started to be […]

WEB: Webhosting / ISP (Hosting, VoIP, DSL, Cable) Survival Guide

In the not so distant past, there has been an explosion of ISP's on the web which caused the only thing all of them could: dirt cheap hosting.  In fact, the web is virtually flooded with ISP's offering everything imaginable under the sun and space has literally become a door prize.   But what really separates […]

MS Windows Tweaking: Performance, Security and Annoyances

Here is a set of things to try for those of you suffering from poor PC performance, very slow boot up times, very slow application start up times, generally slow windows performance, security problems and other annoyances on Windows systems. 

Networking: The network is not present or not started

PROBLEM The network is not present or not started At some point or other, and for reasons unknown to me at the current time, I couldn't get into shared files on other workstations on my home installation.  This used to work earlier.  Turned out after numerous trials and errors that the service Client for Microsoft […]

Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization: Linux Networking

PROBLEM You receive random errors failing to initialize your network card at boot time or during manual restart that look like the one below: $ifup eth0 via-rhine device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization. $ Or just a form of the # service network restart . . device does not seem to […]

Linux Pixma Printer Configuration: Canon Pixma iP4000 / iP4100

INTRO Printing, can become one of those nagging things if you don't have it going yet.  This is especially true on Linux.  Though it's 2009 at this time, Linux is still lagging in printer support though that margin between Linux and Windows is shrinking rapidly.  Having been already logged into my Linux partition I thought […]

Linux / Windows: Changing MTU value of a Network Interface Card (NIC)

PROBLEM Occassionally, the default MTU (Maximum Transmission Value) value of a NIC card can cause you issues including being unable to view/see many internet sites or cause you issues when setting up your network, to the point where you will see communication popup errors and slowdowns.

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