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ls: Permission denied: user=root, access=EXECUTE, inode=”/tmp/.cloudera_health_monitoring_canary_files”:hdfs:supergroup:d———

Before enabling kerberos, the HDFS user is the only one that can list out files owned by itself:

[root@cm-r01en01 run]# hdfs dfs -ls /tmp/.cloudera_health_monitoring_canary_files/.canary_file_2019_08_20-19_28_02.abab681cca56293als: Permission denied: user=root, access=EXECUTE, inode="/tmp/.cloudera_health_monitoring_canary_files":hdfs:supergroup:d———

You'll need to run the command via SUDO like this:

[root@cm-r01en01 run]# sudo su -c "hdfs dfs -ls /tmp/.cloudera_health_monitoring_canary_files/.canary_file_2019_08_20-19_28_02.abab681cca56293a" -s /bin/bash hdfs
-rw-rw-rw-   3 hdfs supergroup          0 2019-08-20 20:28 /tmp/.cloudera_health_monitoring_canary_files/.canary_file_2019_08_20-19_28_02.abab681cca56293a


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