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google results don’t match the search string

Google, I love that company but sometimes it puzzles me.  I'll search for:

ckeditor links.js getSelectedLink

but google returns this link:


(HINT: There's nothing on that page for getSelectedLink, not even in the source code of the page) but what I needed was:


but that doesn't appear in any of the search results.  So how did I get to that?  Well, here's how and it's not directly through google search results unfortunately:


So how I got to that is by going to the 5th (or third search result if you use getSelectedLink ckeditor links.js) search result on that page:


Once I got there, I took to reading the page and luckily the link I needed appeared in the first poster comment.  But shouldn't the github link been in the search results in the first place?  Even better then all three of those links, I would have expected to get:


which is the real deal I was interested in.  So why that final link didn't appear on the first page?




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