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GlusterFS: Renaming a Brick

So you want to replace a GlustetFS brick? In other words, how do I rename a brick path in glusterfs?

NOTICE: Anytime there is any data manipulation on any environment, backups should always be taken.  So please make a copy or a backup of your files prior to executing any of the commands.  The steps expect the user has a backup.

Here's a few ways to do so:

gluster volume replace-brick <vol> <host>:/bricks/0/gv01     <host>:/bricks/0/abc-gv01  commit force

A detailed sequence of another way to rename the brick storage folder:

Command Description
gluster v reset-brick gvol peer01:/previous/path start Stop glusterfs on node.
mv  /previous/path /latest/path      Move the old path to the new path.
gluster v add-brick gvol peer02:/new/path force Add new path as new brick.
gluster v remove-brick gvol peer01:/previous/path force Maintain sequence. Data duplication will occur if order is not maintained.
gluster v rebalance gvol fix-layout  start Optional Command.  Might not be needed.



REF: https://docs.gluster.org/en/latest/Administrator-Guide/Managing-Volumes/#replace-brick


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