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F9, KDE 4.X and Konsole: Extra spaces on console command line between cursor and text.


Following some recent upgrades to my distro the Konsole window cursor was always ahead of the text that was typed.  The problem was compounded when lines of text were longer though this problem wasn't present in other terminal applications.  This really looked horrible using vim, as you can probably imagine.  As you can see in the image below there was consistently space between end of typed text the cursor: Extra Spaces on Konsole Command Line

This appears to have occurred after removing the obsolete font package after the Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 upgrade, as the font worked before but not after the upgrade and removal of the font package.


Basically, the selected font in Konsole settings no longer existed following the above uninstallation though surprisingly Konsole didn't default to another one.  This is seen when you click the font drop down box and the currently selected font is no longer listed.  The solution here was to simply change the font in Konsole settings:

1) In Konsole click 'Settings' menu.

2) Edit Current Profile…

3) Appearance

4) Edit Font…

Konsole: Changing from a no longer existing font.

How do I select the right font or perhaps what is it that you recommend?

Anything will do that you like. It depends on your tastes.  I typed in '({)}!#@%!$^@%&' on the command line and selected the font that I best liked and displays '(' and'{' correctly.  In some fonts, the two brackets resemble each other so closely, that it becomes difficult to distinguish on occassion.  If you're a developoer, you probably already saw where I'm going with this.  🙂  I used Monospace, size 10 JUST because it was there.

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