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Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.

Sure enough we baught outselves a Nexus 7 tablet and of course what's a PC, miniature or not, without some sort of web access.  My router is setup with MAC address filtering which prevented initial connection unless I get the MAC address of the device to begin with.  Unfortunately, Nexus 7 won't let you into the settings until you do an initial setup. 

In this case, I've disabled the MAC address filtering on my DD-WRT'd TP-LINK router temporarily (Let's remember, I still have WPA2 security with SSID broadcase disabled so I'm fine to do that.)  Once connected, I checked that my connection is fine from my other wireless devices before trying to connect from the Nexus 7.  With everything else working, google Nexus 7 went through it's paces and I was finally able to get in on to the device and get my MAC:

Sure enough, it's in a fairly standard place (Home -> Settings (Look for squares enclosed in a circle) -> About Tablet -> Status).  However that wasn't the end of it.  Right after that, thinking I was fine, I run into this:

Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server's DNS address.

Which, translated into plain English simply means I haven't got my IP and Gateway configured.  (Yes, that's how far I setup my security.  No I do not live next to the defcon or black hat vegas site though I'm sure what I do wont' be enough but I degress….). Here are the steps to add a static IP and GW + DNS settings to your Nexus 7:

  1. Press and keep pressing (lightly) on a wireless network you're connected too.
  2. A panel with the name of your network and options Forget network and Modify network will appear.
  3. Click on Modify network.
  4. Near the bottom of the new panel an Show advanced options check box will appear.  Check it off.
  5. A text box labeled IP settings will appear at the bottom.  Click that.
  6. Two options will appear DHCP and Static.  Select Static.
  7. In my case I set the settings in this manner (Settings for your network should be different.):
    IP address (By default Google Nexus choose
    Gateway  (By default, Google choose .0.4)
  8. Save it.

Sure enough after saving, browsing to google.com worked like a charm.  Hope this helps you too for overly secured networks. 😉



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  1. Hi   How will i  know what ip has to be given foe ip adress and  gateway?Im using mobile as hotspot.. though it says connected im not able to acces internet on nexus 7

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