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ERR NSMMReplicationPlugin CSN not found, we aren’t as up to date, or we purged

Getting below errr?

May 24 13:49:11 idmipa03 ns-slapd: [24/May/2020:13:49:11.182396698 -0400] – ERR – NSMMReplicationPlugin – changelog program – repl_plugin_name_cl – agmt="cn=meToidmipa04.mws.mds.xyz" (idmipa04:389): CSN 5dd194af000000040000 not found, we aren't as up to date, or we purged
May 24 13:49:11 idmipa03 ns-slapd: [24/May/2020:13:49:11.183726430 -0400] – ERR – NSMMReplicationPlugin – send_updates – agmt="cn=meToidmipa04.mws.mds.xyz" (idmipa04:389): Data required to update replica has been purged from the changelog. If the error persists the replica must be reinitialized.

or the following error?

[root@idmipa04 ~]# ipa-replica-manage force-sync –from idmipa03.mws.mds.xyz -vvv
ipa: INFO: Setting agreement cn=meToidmipa04.mws.mds.xyz,cn=replica,cn=dc\=mws\,dc\=mds\,dc\=xyz,cn=mapping tree,cn=config schedule to 2358-2359 0 to force synch
ipa: INFO: Deleting schedule 2358-2359 0 from agreement cn=meToidmipa04.mws.mds.xyz,cn=replica,cn=dc\=mws\,dc\=mds\,dc\=xyz,cn=mapping tree,cn=config
ipa: INFO: Replication Update in progress: FALSE: status: Error (18) Replication error acquiring replica: Incremental update transient warning.  Backing off, will retry update later. (transient warning): start: 0: end: 0
[root@idmipa04 ~]#

Fix it by running :

[root@idmipa04 ~]# ipa-replica-manage re-initialize –from idmipa03.mws.mds.xyz
Update in progress, 3 seconds elapsed
Update succeeded

[root@idmipa04 ~]#

2022 Apr 04

Worked again!


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