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DL380 G8: Unable to create RAID array with error Command: 51h, SCSI Status: 0000h Command Status: 0004h

Getting this error when trying to create a RAID array on your DL380 G8?

A fatal error has occurred.
Command: 51h
SCSI Status: 0000h
Command Status: 0004h

Perhaps the lack of a license on the cache module is the culprit?  Or perhaps the addition of another device, such as the SSD.  Reseating the Cache Module didn't do the trick either.  Turns out none of these were the culprit.  Download the following version ot the HP SSA:


Extract then mount the ISO via the Remote Console from iLO 4.  Once mounted select option SSACLI   (Second option on the list) .  This will land you at the prompt.  To fix the above, issue the following command from this prompt:

ctrl slot=0 modify hbamode=off 

Turns out that reseating the Cache Module reset the controller to HBA mode, meaning no RAID configuration is possible in this mode.  Issuing the above turns the controller's HBA mode to OFF enabling RAID creation once more.



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