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Configuring or Setting a Static IP on Samsung Ace 2X S7560M

Setting the Static IP on your Samsung Ace 2X S7560 has a very short solution:  can't be done from the GUI the device offers, OOTB.  The way to do this is to set a Static DHCP IP on the router.  Since we have DD-WRT on ours, the process is fairly straight forward though I had to part with my purely static IP configuration. The MAC filter as long as it's active does it's bit to limit WIFI connections as is.  The list is fairly straight forward to maintain.  

So what we'll implement here is Static DHCP IP Addresses through the Services tab of the DD-WRT.  

First access your router, in our case it's https:  (Using Secure HTTP) then navigate to the Setup tab then to the Basic Setup subtab:

Static DHCP IP: Enable DHCP on DD-WRT

Maximum DHCP Users: 20 [Typically set to number of devices you have]
DHCP Server: Enable

Note that at this point, your Samsung should pick any arbitrary IP number.  We can leave it as is however if you wish to have your device always get the same IP, read on.  Next we set a static IP to the device by visiting the Services tab and the Services subtab:

DD WRT DHCP Static IP WIFI Services Panel

Fill in the MAC Address, a possible hostname and the IP from the DHCP range defined earlier. Be sure to Save then Apply Settings to ensure the changes are saved and are not lost.  Refresh the WIFI settings Samsung.  Enjoy the newly connected device!

DD-WRT GUI Crashes when adding 3 or more Static Leases:

When trying to add 3 or more static leases through the GUI, the HTTPS panel crashed on us.  Mind you we're not using the latest firmware available as new releases went out since the two years we've reimaged our routers however we're not yet prepared to reimage and reconfigure the entire router.  In this case, we'll use the command line to automatically add them:

# nvram set static_leasenum=4
# nvram set static_leases="88:9C:39:40:1B:7A=HUBBY-SAMSUNG-S7560M= 08:EC:88:B7:AA:75=WIFIE-SAMSUNG-S7560M= 00:21:1C:CD:64:F4=LAPTOP-WIRED= 00:67:2D:7F:D5:64=LAPTOP-WIFI="

We've highlighted each separate section and each entry is separated by an =.  The interpreter for that string parses it on the four fields.  In order to have the Windows PC's see the new leases, we need to run this command:

C:\PATH\MDS>ipconfig /renew


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