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B7006971 IBM Fiber Channel Error

We got the B7006971 error from our HBA card on a P5 Server.  Turns out that upgrading the firmware of our HBA did the trick.  To do so add / remove the card using the Add FRU / Remove FRU or Exchange FRU in the HMC then from the OS issue the following after downloading the firmware from IBM Fix Central:

diag -d fcs0 -T download

The firmware is packaged as a single file RPM and extracts to the following:

[ AIX root@mdsnim01:/home/root ] rpm -qpl df1000fd-0002-271304.aix.rpm
[ AIX root@mdsnim01:/home/root ]

Once done, the cards did not issue the error message any further.  One card did continue to issue the above error however and upgrade of it's hardware was not possible.  This particular card showed the error during the FRU screens whereas the other cards only displayed the error from the OS command line.


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