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Acrobat Reader on Fedora 9+: Seamingly never ending list of or non stop continous “expr: syntax error”


With the latest rollout of adobe / pdf software to the latest linux distributions, there was a rather basic bug introduced causing an infinite number of ‘expr: syntax error” messages being displayed. Fortunately this was a simple script bug frmo the provider that thankfully can be fixed by anyone. The error pops up on many applications using ‘acroread’ binary and spews out a seamingly never ending list of or non stop continous expr: syntax error.


Here’s how to go about resolving this annoyance:

$ which acroread /usr/bin/acroread
$ vi /usr/bin/acroread +418


echo $mfile| sed ’s/libgtk-x11-\([0-9]*\).0.so.0.\([0-9]\)00.\([0-9]*\)\|\(.*\)/\1\2\3/g’

Above in red is missing a * at the end of [0-9].


Add * (start) on second [0-9] to:

echo $mfile| sed ’s/libgtk-x11-\([0-9]*\).0.so.0.\([0-9]*\)00.\([0-9]*\)\|\(.*\)/\1\2\3/g’

This permanently fixes the issue in the system.

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