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Kill An Established Connection on DD-WRT and TP-LINK Router

So I had an established connection on my router that didn't look like it belonged.  I didn't recognize the device and it wasn't pingable so it was probably a stale old connection.  In this case it was one of my mobile devices which went offline sometime back but didn't close the connection.  On most systems [...]

Windows: Stop Error 0x000000aa when trying to change a printer port.

When trying to change the port server name (I have a USB printer hooked up to a router) for the network attached printer, you get this message, Windows Port Error: 0x000000aa when trying to change printer properties in Windows 7.  What to do?

Dual Gateway / Router setup with DD-WRT and TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND

In this post we'll look at setting up a dual router 1GB/s home network using the TL-WR1043ND routers, both with DD-WRT software.  DD-WRT is one of the documented projects and it goes a long way in making the product very stable and easy to work with. The routers are also capable of Wireless N connections [...]

VLC: VideoLAN video player: Failed to connect to the D-Bus session daemon: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: No protocol specified

The VLC player is rumoured to be one of the best players to day for playing many different formats including mts and m2ts proprietary SONY formats. (Which just so happens to be the format of my Camcorder movies)  This is the way my camcorder has been saving them in and to date, there are few [...]

Linux / Windows Networking: Configuring and securing a router for Wireless and Wired Networks.

Here I would like to take you through the steps to configuring and securing a router (In this case we will use the WRT54G as an example) for your home or small office setup.  Securing a router can be very important especially when the wireless function is enabled.  Likely the most important reason is to [...]

Dynamic IP’s: How to find external IP of your Router / Linux machine and ‘ssh’ to it.

Working remotely from various places, I needed to have access to my Linux machine at home. Unfortunately for me, my DSL IP was dynamic and at the time my ISP would change this IP several times a day. That was good for maybe only a few hours and then it would change to something completely [...]

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