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LINUX: Persistent naming of SATA devices through UDEV rules.

Here we'll look at obtaining persistent naming rules for SATA devices so we can reference these hardware devices through a constant name.  This is particularly useful when one needs a persistent name to a device through unique serial and model numbers that remains the same throughout reboots / restarts and shutdowns.  In this post, we'll […]

Apache: Configuring mod_security (modsecurity) for Apache on Fedora.

INTRODUCTION Most people today know or have some idea what a firewall is.  For those not too familiar with it, it's essentially a piece of software or hardware that sits between your computer and the internet (outside world) helping to prevent unauthorized access to your computer / workstation.  The firewall does this by blocking certain […]

Linux: cups giving 404 Not Found when trying to access http://localhost:631/

PROBLEM When trying to access http://localhost:631/ for the cupsd / cups configuration, you receive: 404 Not Found SOLUTION

KDE 4.X and Fedora 9+: The taskbar is gone.

PROBLEM The task bar panel is gone, disappeared or has been removed/unconfigured part of some configuration change as a result of an upgrade or update.  This is one issue I had when upgrading from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 and was mostly due to extensive overhaul of the KDE 4.1/4.0 over it’s predecessor KDE 3.5.  […]

Sound Problems: Error while initializing the sound driver

Linux OS does a superb job of handling sound.  Since early on it will even be configured out of the box.  Unfortunately, keeping it that way is an entirely separate matter.  Especially when going through multiple upgrades or installing other packages possibly even applications that may alter your sound behaviour strange things may start to […]

Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization: Linux Networking

PROBLEM You receive random errors failing to initialize your network card at boot time or during manual restart that look like the one below: $ifup eth0 via-rhine device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization. $ Or just a form of the # service network restart . . device does not seem to […]

Linux / Windows: Changing MTU value of a Network Interface Card (NIC)

PROBLEM Occassionally, the default MTU (Maximum Transmission Value) value of a NIC card can cause you issues including being unable to view/see many internet sites or cause you issues when setting up your network, to the point where you will see communication popup errors and slowdowns.

The Linux Firewall configuration.

Most linux distros come shipped with basic firewall software. Other then ipchains or ipfwadm probably the most common command line firewall just might be iptables. If you run a small home network and need a bit more security on your box then what comes already available or a router already ships with, iptables is something […]

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