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Generate or Create SSH Keys Pair

This is a simple howto on generating keys.  For this post, we'll simply create a one way auto-login no passphrase key pair for use between one of our systems and our router.  However, we won't allow the router to autologin to the hosts.  First step in this is to generate the keys however do check […]

How to create a for loop to print a sequence or range of numbers on DD-WRT or busybox devices: Linux

DD-WRT run what's known as a busybox, which is a single tiny executable designed to run on enbedded devices.  busybox provides common UNIX utilities normally found on larger UNIX / Linux installations such as desktop computers.  Unfortunately it's limited and even with the shell it provides, alot of functionality such as common shell loops no […]

HTPC / Backup Home Server Solution using Linux

Overview: HTPC / Home Backup: MDADM, RAID6, LVM, XFS, CIFS and NFS In this post we'll take a look at setting up a 4TB storage, HTPC, and active backup using basic components that can be bought from the local PC store and freely available software.   Here I set out to try and consolidate my storage […]

Windows Excel: Creating Drop Down Menus

Creating Drop Down Menus in Excel 1.    Type the list of items you want to include in your drop down menu in an area of the worksheet that is not visible and/or will not be typed over.

Screenshot: How to get a screenshot in linux using command line tools: xwininfo, convert.

Sometime back I was wondering how I can get a screenshot in Linux.  I've created this workaround for myself to use from the shell not knowing about the GIMP screenshot capture/aquire function at the time:

WordPress plugin FCKEditor 2.1 / 2.5.0 / 2.6.2

FCKEditor 2.1 / 2.5 2.6.2 Recently I found myself looking for an editor for posts more powerfull then the standard built in editor that comes with WordPress.  To that end I came up on FCKEditor (NOTE: No, it's not meant to be synonymous after the popular explative.) and so far it has been worth the […]

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