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OpenWRT: Microsoft Azure to Cloudera CDH via VPN Gateway

In this post, we'll show you how to create and connect your local home network to the Azure space network.  We'll take this a step further by connecting this Microsoft Azure VM instances defined to an on premise Cloudera CDH cluster.  Together, the on-prem cluster will be extended with compute capacity from Azure while the […]

Asus Merlin Firmware: Wrong date shows set to Sat May  5 01:07:40 DST 2018

Do you end up with the wrong date when using Asus or Asus Merlin software? admin@ASUS-MERLIN-INTERNET:/tmp/home/root# date Sat May  5 01:07:40 DST 2018 admin@ASUS-MERLIN-INTERNET:/tmp/home/root# Not yet clear what is really causing this but a temporary workaround is shown below using the Asus Merlin startup scripts: admin@ASUS-MERLIN-INTERNET:/tmp/home/root# cat /jffs/scripts/init-start #!/bin/sh NTP0=$(nvram show 2>/dev/null | awk -F'=' […]

iPhone Bricked: Update or Recovery

Had the misfortune of experiencing of doing the Apple equivalent of bricking my iPhone while doing an iOS update.  Why did I do an iOS update?  Well here's how I did this without any data loss. 

Lost Thunderbird Settings and Folders

Lost Thunderbird settings and folders?  All settings in our Thunderbird were reset after a string of events including recent upgrade and some random reboots from apparent hardware issues.  Irrespective, file corruption occurred. 

INFO: failed to start postgres / Permissions should be u=rwx (0700).

Getting this?  root ? / ? data ? patroni ? systemctl status patroni ? patroni.service – Runners to orchestrate a high-availability PostgreSQL    Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/patroni.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)    Active: active (running) since Sun 2020-07-12 17:52:48 EDT; 17s ago  Main PID: 10991 (patroni)    CGroup: /system.slice/patroni.service            ??10991 /usr/bin/python2 /bin/patroni /etc/patroni.yml Jul 12 17:53:04 psql01.nix.mds.xyz patroni[10991]: 1184 […]

Bash: PowerLine Configuration under a User Account

Let's setup Powerline to make our prompts look like this in CentOS! How to do this?  Follow the set of steps below to configure this within a non-privilidged user account without having to modify many target server root-owned files or install any packages in the target UNIX systems. Install gcc and glibc.  This will ensure powerline […]

Cloudera: No Java JDK is detected on the host.

Getting this?   "No Java JDK is detected on the host."   One reason for this is a missing symlink /usr/java/latest :   [root@cm-awn01 java]# ls -l /usr/java total 0 drwxr-xr-x 7 root root 245 May 11 00:39 jdk1.8.0_181-cloudera   lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  21 May 27 13:27 latest -> jdk1.8.0_181-cloudera   [root@cm-awn01 java]#   GL, SC  

Cloudera and Azure: WrongHost: Peer certificate subjectAltName does not match host, expected , got DNS:host01.dom.com, DNS:host02.dom.com, DNS:host03.dom.com

So you're getting this while trying to connect Cloud Hosts to your local Cloudera Infrastructure? WrongHost: Peer certificate subjectAltName does not match host, expected dhcp-100-0-0-100.remote.user.isp.com, got DNS:srv-c01.cdh.local.hst, DNS:cm-r01nn01.cdh.local.hst, DNS:cm-r01nn02.cdh.local.hst

ERROR    (10 skipped) Error sending messages to firehose (retry): mgmt-HOSTMONITOR

Getting this? [24/May/2020 23:08:13 +0000] 5385 MonitorDaemon-Reporter throttling_logger ERROR    (10 skipped) Error sending messages to firehose (retry): mgmt-HOSTMONITOR-a6c8a202b717eae93da5e0a53f184c3a Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/opt/cloudera/cm-agent/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cmf/monitor/firehose.py", line 125, in _send     self._requestor.request('sendAgentMessages', dict(messages=UNICODE_SANITIZER(messages)))   File "/opt/cloudera/cm-agent/lib/python2.7/site-packages/avro/ipc.py", line 141, in request     return self.issue_request(call_request, message_name, request_datum)   File "/opt/cloudera/cm-agent/lib/python2.7/site-packages/avro/ipc.py", line 254, in issue_request […]

ERR NSMMReplicationPlugin CSN not found, we aren’t as up to date, or we purged

Getting below errr? May 24 13:49:11 idmipa03 ns-slapd: [24/May/2020:13:49:11.182396698 -0400] – ERR – NSMMReplicationPlugin – changelog program – repl_plugin_name_cl – agmt="cn=meToidmipa04.mws.mds.xyz" (idmipa04:389): CSN 5dd194af000000040000 not found, we aren't as up to date, or we purged May 24 13:49:11 idmipa03 ns-slapd: [24/May/2020:13:49:11.183726430 -0400] – ERR – NSMMReplicationPlugin – send_updates – agmt="cn=meToidmipa04.mws.mds.xyz" (idmipa04:389): Data required to update […]

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