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Red Hat Linux Fedora: Fedora 12 to Fedora 13 upgrade.

Fedora 13 has been out now since around May 25th, so it's time for the semi annual upgrade.  Unlike with previous versions, I've now switched to the GNOME desktop since I have been finding the KDE desktop to be far less intuitive then it's former competitor and far less responsive.  (As you recall from the [...]

Skype configuration problems and resolutions.

Skype is a popular text, video and voice (VoIP) chat client.  A more detailed article can be found on the Wikipedia Skype page.  Here is a list of some of the hurdles I've ran into getting the client to work on my own distribution. PROBLEM Skype for Linux had poor video in the not so [...]

Fedora 10+: UI video / graphics problems upon reboot to Fedora 10+. Graphics are unreadable.

PROBLEM One of the first things that went wrong after upgrading to Fedora 10 was the UI screen was unreadable / undescernable.  The screen was entirely messed up and though the keyboard worked fine, it wasn't easy to discern the UI windows from the shades of red, yellow, blue, green etc grany dots that showed [...]

MS Windows Tweaking: Performance, Security and Annoyances

Here is a set of things to try for those of you suffering from poor PC performance, very slow boot up times, very slow application start up times, generally slow windows performance, security problems and other annoyances on Windows systems. 

Graphics and Video: Changing the graphics/video resolution with xrandr

PROBLEM How do I change my screen resolution?  Changes made in the GUI control panel option in KDE 4.0 are just not sticking or are not becoming permanent / saved. SOLUTION

KDE 4.X and Fedora 9+: Problems starting xserver after changing video settings.

Problems with Fedora 9 and above and KDE.  PROBLEM When initially logging in to the new Fedora 9 following the upgrade, KDE 4.0 GUI started but all my settings were gone.  Except for my documents that I had in various places, the settings and configuration like KDE themes I had installed earlier, were now gone.  [...]

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