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LINUX PXE: Installing and Network Booting Windows 7, Linux, Solaris using PXE

In this post we'll configure network booting through PXE.  PXE stands for Preboot eXecution Environment and has been available for Network Devices (or NIC's) for some time.  Such a network boot setup has many uses in particular in OS setup and deployment.  In this post I'll introduce the steps to quickly set one up.  The [...]

Linux LVM: Resizing partitions.

This post is designed as a blind test, meaning its sole purpose is for testing and learning LVM functionality.  In this process we will work with an existing LVM that contains live data to grow, shrink and move it's contents around.  Before we do anything, a disclaimer is in order: DISCLAIMER: Aside from the disclaimer [...]

Linux LVM: Recovering a lost volume.

  It may become necessary to recover or rebuild an LVM in case either a backup /etc/lvm/backup/<VOLGROUP> is not available or becomes lost or other conditions arise causing loss of system volume data.  What might otherwise appear destroyed, deleted or inaccessible, LVM comes with a few backup options in case of disaster.  Here are the [...]

LINUX / UNIX: Adding a new SATA harddrive using parted instead of fdisk.

Here we'll go over how to connect, configure and format a SATA I / II hard drive on Linux.  The intent for this drive ultimately was to share the drive through SAMBA between our home PC's and to hold home movies from the Sony HDR-SR7 camcorder I have.  Ultimately, I will be using this drive and [...]

Networking: Sharing folders between Windows and Linux using Samba

There are plenty of ways to share resources and files between two or more computers.  You could do things like: Email yourself an attachment. Use FTP between the two PC's. Use SSH between the two computers. Use sneaker-net: copy the files to Flash Disk, DVD, CD, (gulp) floppy etc. and walk over to the other [...]

Windows / Linux: Mutually accessing various filesystems on the same PC.

Especially true with dual boot systems, sharing files between two different operating systems on a single PC can become a time consuming task.  One thing many new users do when they install a Linux on a different partition of the same machine, is to try to connect to the other operating systems and files they [...]

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