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GlusterFS: Configuration and Setup w/ NFS-Ganesha for an HA NFS Cluster

In this post we will go over how to setup a highly available NFS Cluster using: GlusterFS NFS Ganesha CentOS 7  HAPROXY keepalived firewalld selinux This post is very lengthy and goes over quite a few details on the way to configuring this setup.  We document virtually every step including how to build out a [...]

Replication bind with GSSAPI auth failed: LDAP error 49 (Invalid credentials) ()

FreeIPA replication failes for about 13 minutes with no activity on the first IDM server.  Not clear why at first. Feb 12 10:06:56 idmipa01 named-pkcs11[2529]: zone nix.mds.xyz/IN: sending notifies (serial 1518448016) Feb 12 10:07:06 idmipa01 named-pkcs11[2529]: error (chase DS servers) resolving 'mds.xyz/DS/IN': Feb 12 10:07:14 idmipa01 ns-slapd: [12/Feb/2018:10:07:14.130840773 -0500] – ERR – NSMMReplicationPlugin – [...]

Getting asked for password when using host shortname with kerberos delegation

When trying to ssh into a host using the server's short name, you get challenged or asked for a password.  You need to set the following to:   First item to set is the following: dns_canonicalize_hostname = true in /etc/krb5.conf.  It will then prevent from asking a password.  Using the server's FQDN will work without issues.   [...]

kinit: Cannot find KDC for realm while getting initial credentials

Problem is that you need  dns_lookup_kdc = true in your /etc/krb5.conf under the [libdefaults] section file: [root@mysql01 ~]# kinit tom@mds.xyz kinit: Cannot find KDC for realm "mds.xyz" while getting initial credentials [root@mysql01 ~]# [root@mysql01 ~]# vi /etc/krb5.conf [root@mysql01 ~]# systemctl restart sssd [root@mysql01 ~]# kinit tom@mds.xyz Password for tom@mds.xyz: [root@mysql01 ~]# Cheers, TK  

8524 The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure.

Reason for the below failure: The Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard (Dcpromo) was unable to establish connection with the following domain controller.    Domain controller: winad01.mds.xyz    Additional Data  Error value: 8524 The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure. and the subsequent failure in Promotion of a Server [...]

The Directory Server detected that the database has been replaced.

The full error is as follows: The Directory Server detected that the database has been replaced.  This is an unsafe and unsupported operation. The service will stop until the problem is corrected.    User Action:  Restore the previous copy of the database that was in use on this machine.  In the future, the user is [...]

The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted.

You are likely getting this error because you have the following checked off: Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommended) Uncheck this setting and you  will be able to log back in using RDP. We got this error trying to add a secondary AD DC to a cluster.  After [...]

The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted

Move the windows server into a dummy workgroup then back into the domain it was originally on to resolve: The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted However you may get: The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "abc.123": The request is not supported. Checking the logs we see this: %systemroot%\debug\netsetup.log 01/23/2018 19:57:02:446 NetpIsTargetImageADC: [...]

Cloning NTFS 1TB disk to 240GB SSD

The key to this is that the enterity of the data HAS to fig into the new space.  If it doesn't, you'll either need to get a bigger disk or start deleting stuff off the old disk.  In my case the data was 120GB so it can easily fit in a 240GB SSD.  Now, if [...]

ntfs-g3 / ntfsclone warning: careful about use of parameters in this manner.

Careful when copying or cloning using ntfs-g3 / ntfsclone command when using overwrite.  In the below example /dev/sdg4 is NOT the source.  It is the TARGET.  ntfsclone –overwrite /dev/sdg4 /dev/sdm1 Though nothing happened here, these were two test volumes, this is opposite to the way other commands work like cp, scp, rsync:  The last entry [...]

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