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If you're getting this sort of issue: $ smbclient //$  /mnt/winshare-I -o rw,user="MeUser",password="somepassword" -v Domain=[WINPC_NAME] OS=[Windows 5.1] Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager] tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED $   Then follow us on our Samba / CIFS Connectivity page for the resolution to the issue.  Hope this helps out! Regards, TK

Enabling RDP on Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

Windows 7 Home Premium edition doesn't come with RDP enabled by default.  Luckily, there is a set of files available out there if you wish to enable it.  However, keep in mind, this is a workaround to lack of RDP on Windows 7 Home Premium so naturally there are risks associated (see the site disclaimer).   [...]

Windows: Stop Error 0x000000aa when trying to change a printer port.

When trying to change the port server name (I have a USB printer hooked up to a router) for the network attached printer, you get this message, Windows Port Error: 0x000000aa when trying to change printer properties in Windows 7.  What to do?

Linux / Windows: Error code: 0×80070035 cannot access and Error NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE

While configuring SAMBA / CIFS and file sharing over the network, the following errors popup eventually after the HTPC is restarted.  A bit baffling at first since SSH works just as it did before the restart.  However the problems persist and look like this: Windows cannot access \\\HTPCBackupXFS Check the spelling of the name.  Otherwise, [...]

Linux / Windows Networking: Configuring and securing a router for Wireless and Wired Networks.

Here I would like to take you through the steps to configuring and securing a router (In this case we will use the WRT54G as an example) for your home or small office setup.  Securing a router can be very important especially when the wireless function is enabled.  Likely the most important reason is to [...]

LINUX / UNIX: Adding a new SATA harddrive using parted instead of fdisk.

Here we'll go over how to connect, configure and format a SATA I / II hard drive on Linux.  The intent for this drive ultimately was to share the drive through SAMBA between our home PC's and to hold home movies from the Sony HDR-SR7 camcorder I have.  Ultimately, I will be using this drive and [...]

Networking: Sharing folders between Windows and Linux using Samba

There are plenty of ways to share resources and files between two or more computers.  You could do things like: Email yourself an attachment. Use FTP between the two PC's. Use SSH between the two computers. Use sneaker-net: copy the files to Flash Disk, DVD, CD, (gulp) floppy etc. and walk over to the other [...]

WEB: Webhosting / ISP (Hosting, VoIP, DSL, Cable) Survival Guide

In the not so distant past, there has been an explosion of ISP's on the web which caused the only thing all of them could: dirt cheap hosting.  In fact, the web is virtually flooded with ISP's offering everything imaginable under the sun and space has literally become a door prize.   But what really separates [...]

Windows Word: Creating Drop Down Menus

Creating Drop Down Menus in MS Word 1) To create a drop down menu in Word, go to the area where you would like your menu to appear:

Microsoft Word: Cursor is at the top of the page in MS Word 2003

Cursor is at the top of the page in MS Word 2003 Most people check their page setup but find that everything is set right. What may have happened is that the View settings for the Print Layout somehow got changed to hide any white space between pages. To correct this, go to:

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