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AIX Linux Permissions Problems and Solution of CHMOD 0

Nuking your permissions problems on a server is typically just as bad as wiping out the server.  Before you start trying to compare permissions server to server based on what they were elsewhere on a similar host, take a backup of the already misconfigured host.  Yeah your system is already messed up but at least [...]

Linux: Getting new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address or device descriptor read/64, error -62

Tried to connect my Camcorder to my RHEL based system over here but instead of connectivity I got: # grep usb /var/log/messages Aug 28 14:08:32 mbpc kernel: usb 7-4: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 3 Aug 28 14:08:32 mbpc kernel: usb 7-4: device descriptor read/64, error -62 Aug 28 14:08:32 mbpc [...]

VLC: VideoLAN video player: Failed to connect to the D-Bus session daemon: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: No protocol specified

The VLC player is rumoured to be one of the best players to day for playing many different formats including mts and m2ts proprietary SONY formats. (Which just so happens to be the format of my Camcorder movies)  This is the way my camcorder has been saving them in and to date, there are few [...]

Microsoft Word: A delete key that doesn’t delete.

PROBLEM A little tidbit of Windows knowledge.  When highlighting a section of a Microsoft Word document and pressing the delete key, nothing happens.  No errors or messages at all.  Try this to fix it… SOLUTION

Thunderbird / Firefox / Linux: Error showing url: Failed to execute child process

PROBLEM On Linux, you receive this error when trying to open up links from inside Thunderbird emails: Error showing url: Failed to execute child process "/usr/lib/firefox-3.0.5/firefox" (No such file or directory) SOLUTION

Creating associative or hash arrays in bash using sed and strings without the use of arrays, looping and conditionals.

Hashes are a certainly very important part of any language.  If you're not used to hashes, you may not see their potential at first.  However, having used them in several languages now, hashes always ended up reducing my code significantly especially when only complex solutions would only do otherwise.  However, bash or ksh for that [...]

WEB: Webhosting / ISP (Hosting, VoIP, DSL, Cable) Survival Guide

In the not so distant past, there has been an explosion of ISP's on the web which caused the only thing all of them could: dirt cheap hosting.  In fact, the web is virtually flooded with ISP's offering everything imaginable under the sun and space has literally become a door prize.   But what really separates [...]

F9, KDE 4.X and Konsole: Extra spaces on console command line between cursor and text.

PROBLEM Following some recent upgrades to my distro the Konsole window cursor was always ahead of the text that was typed.  The problem was compounded when lines of text were longer though this problem wasn't present in other terminal applications.  This really looked horrible using vim, as you can probably imagine.  As you can see [...]

Acrobat Reader on Fedora 9+: Seamingly never ending list of or non stop continous “expr: syntax error”

PROBLEM With the latest rollout of adobe / pdf software to the latest linux distributions, there was a rather basic bug introduced causing an infinite number of ‘expr: syntax error” messages being displayed. Fortunately this was a simple script bug frmo the provider that thankfully can be fixed by anyone. The error pops up on [...]

Fedora 9+ and KDE 4.x: Problems starting applications due to xorg-x11-xfs

Because Fedora 9, like any new software, had a number of issues, logging into it and using it didn’t prove usefull at all having been used to my own configuration in KDE 3.X.  So much so I initially wasn’t too happy  upgrading from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 entirely.  That is until I started to [...]

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