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change mysql password for root when lost or forgot

To change your mysql password for any user, use the following procedure, in case the password is lost or forgotten.  For this post, we'll be changing it for the root user.  

Page keeps redirecting from http://localhost to http://www.mysites.com with a permanent 301 redirect.

So while making a copy of my page for testing purposes, I try to run it from my LAMP configuration only to receive a redirect to my online page.  Tinkering with the .htaccess file did absolutely nothing in this case.  Page keeps redirecting from http://localhost/wordpress to http://www.microdevsys.com/WordPress with a line like this in the /var/log/httpd/access_log [...]

WordPress: 500 Internal Server Error

So I received this 500 internal Server Error when trying to save my long posts on my WordPress 2.6.2.  In my case I have 1and1.com hosting and at first impressions, the problem appeared to be with MySQL and the time it took to save a post.  On top of this, my host doesn't allow access [...]

Linux / Akonadi: The QtSQL driver ‘QMYSQL’ is required by your current Akonadi server configuration.

PROBLEM Another day brings another bug. This time it's with the Akonadi server failing or unable to start.  This error followed a recent update I've done on my Fedora box.  This is what greeted me each time I started up KDE: The QtSQL driver 'QMYSQL' is required by your current Akonadi server configuration. The following drivers [...]

MySQL DB backup.

One of the things you definitely want to take a backup of on a regular basis, especially if you are a WebAdmin/WebMaster is that of your MySQL database for things such as a forum, blog or anything else you have that may use MySQL on your site. For this you'll need telnet/ssh login to allow [...]

C# VS Java / Python VS Perl popularity.

Was interested tonight how well Java (A language I know) is doing against other languages such as C# (One that I don't know). I'm also something of a Bash/Ksh and Perl buff so I was also interested in popularity indexes as well. I remembered earlier a site I had used to check for this.  I [...]

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