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TcL and autoexpect: The Art of Automated Access / Login: Linux

Now, arguably, the art of auto login and automated access may be frowned upon if not done securely but the concept of doing so is in itself something of a could-it-be done question that can simply be too tempting not to answer.  Long time ago I decided if beyond the easy approach to this using [...]

Linux: VNC Connections or the equivalent of Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) in Windows

VNC or the Linux equivalent of Remote Desktop Connection in Windows, allows us to establish a GUI connection to our remote Linux machines as if we were sitting at the machine itself.  Here, we'll undertake the task of configuring this sort of connection to allow us to remotely interact with the Gnome Desktop.

Linux: Resetting an MD5 hash for ssh or ftp login.

Just happened to have forgotten a password for one of my user accounts on my workstation and remembered a handy little thing one can do to reset a pass. If you have root access, one can simply regenerate the MD5 hash with:

Linux: The source of ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

PROBLEM You get this when trying to SSH to a host from some IP (Let's assume it's for the scope of this problem): ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host What to do?

Fedora Linux: Enabling the KDM login prompt instead of GDM desktop manager.

Since around Fedora 8 and KDE 4.0, the default DESKTOPMANAGER that greets you before you login to your GUI  is  set to GNOME (Even now with Fedora 13 out, the same is still true).  Now I was an avid KDE user and though I started on Gnome, KDE just grew on me up until about Fedora 12.  After [...]

Fedora 10: unable to authenticate user and reenabling the root login access.

PROBLEM In Fedora 10, the root login was disabled into the GUI, giving you a unable to authenticate user message.  You may have noticed that you got a warning about this in Fedora 9 but it wasn't yet disabled then.  Not so in Fedora 10 so this might be something you would want to do [...]

MySQL DB backup.

One of the things you definitely want to take a backup of on a regular basis, especially if you are a WebAdmin/WebMaster is that of your MySQL database for things such as a forum, blog or anything else you have that may use MySQL on your site. For this you'll need telnet/ssh login to allow [...]

Dynamic IP’s: How to find external IP of your Router / Linux machine and ‘ssh’ to it.

Working remotely from various places, I needed to have access to my Linux machine at home. Unfortunately for me, my DSL IP was dynamic and at the time my ISP would change this IP several times a day. That was good for maybe only a few hours and then it would change to something completely [...]

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