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Destination Host Unreachable

While testing the NIC connectivity and speed for my HTPC / Home Backup system, I get this unpleasant surprise.  Needles to say the issue was really due to the high transfer speeds on my 1GB/s network that that intel card has appeared to have a bit of difficulty with.  The difficulty has now been resolved [...]

Linux / Windows Networking: Configuring and securing a router for Wireless and Wired Networks.

Here I would like to take you through the steps to configuring and securing a router (In this case we will use the WRT54G as an example) for your home or small office setup.  Securing a router can be very important especially when the wireless function is enabled.  Likely the most important reason is to [...]

Device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization: Linux Networking

PROBLEM You receive random errors failing to initialize your network card at boot time or during manual restart that look like the one below: $ifup eth0 via-rhine device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization. $ Or just a form of the # service network restart . . device does not seem to [...]

Linux / Windows: Changing MTU value of a Network Interface Card (NIC)

PROBLEM Occassionally, the default MTU (Maximum Transmission Value) value of a NIC card can cause you issues including being unable to view/see many internet sites or cause you issues when setting up your network, to the point where you will see communication popup errors and slowdowns.

Linux / UNIX: Monitoring the operating system memory, cpu, hard drive, performance and other resources.

One of the more powerfull features of any Linux/Unix system are the monitoring features and capabilities of the OS. UNIX systems in general have been around for decades and in that time the tools available to users and admins alike on both systems have grown tramendously. In fact, the log files, tools and applications under [...]

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