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Red Hat Linux Fedora: Fedora 13 to Fedora 14(64) upgrade.

In this upgrade, I planned to skip a version to see how things go jumping up two levels.  Unfortunately reading this post from The Register about Linus Torvalds had me thinking back to F14 again.  (This brings back fond memories of the KDE 4.0 desktop upgrade issues in F9 that didn't go so well.  I [...]

Red Hat Linux Fedora: Fedora 12 to Fedora 13 upgrade.

Fedora 13 has been out now since around May 25th, so it's time for the semi annual upgrade.  Unlike with previous versions, I've now switched to the GNOME desktop since I have been finding the KDE desktop to be far less intuitive then it's former competitor and far less responsive.  (As you recall from the [...]

Fedora Linux: Enabling the KDM login prompt instead of GDM desktop manager.

Since around Fedora 8 and KDE 4.0, the default DESKTOPMANAGER that greets you before you login to your GUI  is  set to GNOME (Even now with Fedora 13 out, the same is still true).  Now I was an avid KDE user and though I started on Gnome, KDE just grew on me up until about Fedora 12.  After [...]

Fedora Update: undefined symbol: DRIOpenDRMMaster

Following a recent upgrade, Xorg was apparently also updated to version xorg-x11-server-Xorg- which unfortunately didn't play nicely with version xorg-x11-drv-ati-6.12.2-14.fc11.i586 .  After a brief investigation, the combination resulted in this error:  /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers//radeon_drv.so: undefined symbol: DRIOpenDRMMaster Ultimately, this had the following effect: No GUI (System never got as far as showing any graphics let alone KDE, Gnome [...]

Graphics and Video: Changing the graphics/video resolution with xrandr

PROBLEM How do I change my screen resolution?  Changes made in the GUI control panel option in KDE 4.0 are just not sticking or are not becoming permanent / saved. SOLUTION

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