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VLC: VideoLAN video player: Failed to connect to the D-Bus session daemon: /bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: No protocol specified

The VLC player is rumoured to be one of the best players to day for playing many different formats including mts and m2ts proprietary SONY formats. (Which just so happens to be the format of my Camcorder movies)  This is the way my camcorder has been saving them in and to date, there are few [...]

WordPress: Dealing with Comment and User Registration Spam.

This is a fine one.  Anyone who uses WordPress may need to deal with this.  Unfortunately, despite using reCAPTCHA, Akismet still picks up tons of span on my blog.  So why am I getting spam comments when I have reCAPTCHA? The answer could surprise you.

Web and Networking: Securing the Apache HTTPD (port 80) configuration from malicious scans.

It's still a surprise to most just how much scanning and probing by either hackers or malicious software is going on on the web when they do find out.  I mean, do you really know how many times your workstation or home network get's hit by attempted intrusions and invasions?  I was never able to find [...]

WEB: Webhosting / ISP (Hosting, VoIP, DSL, Cable) Survival Guide

In the not so distant past, there has been an explosion of ISP's on the web which caused the only thing all of them could: dirt cheap hosting.  In fact, the web is virtually flooded with ISP's offering everything imaginable under the sun and space has literally become a door prize.   But what really separates [...]

The Linux Firewall configuration.

Most linux distros come shipped with basic firewall software. Other then ipchains or ipfwadm probably the most common command line firewall just might be iptables. If you run a small home network and need a bit more security on your box then what comes already available or a router already ships with, iptables is something [...]

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