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Upgrading to Fedora 19 (continued)

(continued from here) [root@moto F13toF18]# rpm -aq|head liboil-0.3.16-5.fc15.i686 arj-3.10.22-13.fc15.i686 perl-POE-1.289-6.fc16.noarch autocorr-sv- python-iniparse-0.4-3.fc15.noarch unique-1.1.6-5.fc16.i686 kde-i18n-Finnish-3.5.10-17.fc18.noarch finger-0.17-43.fc15.i686 hyphen-it-0.20071127-6.fc15.noarch libXrender-devel-0.9.6-2.fc15.i686 [root@moto F13toF18]# [root@moto F13toF18]# Which is perfect and we're at FC19 with RPM and glibc and libdb.  Now time to see if yum works so we try and get the FC19 repos this time to complete this job. [...]

Upgrading to Fedora 19

Turns out that my attempt to upgrade my coreutils packages to allow me to use Wake On LAN, required me to upgrade my Fedora 13 to the latest Fedora distribution.  So I'm going to try and jump to Fedora 18 (Not quite sure about Fedora 19 yet but will try.)  However since the complation of [...]

Skype configuration problems and resolutions.

Skype is a popular text, video and voice (VoIP) chat client.  A more detailed article can be found on the Wikipedia Skype page.  Here is a list of some of the hurdles I've ran into getting the client to work on my own distribution. PROBLEM Skype for Linux had poor video in the not so [...]

Red Hat Linux Fedora: Fedora 11 to Fedora 12 upgrade.

Fedora 12 has been out of the oven since about Nov 17 so it's high time I upgrade before it spoils.  As with the previous release, I look forward to any new features in KDE 4.3.  (As you recall from the previous upgrades, KDE was introduced rewritten almost entirely in Qt4).  Also noteworthy to mention is the [...]

Apache: Configuring mod_security (modsecurity) for Apache on Fedora.

INTRODUCTION Most people today know or have some idea what a firewall is.  For those not too familiar with it, it's essentially a piece of software or hardware that sits between your computer and the internet (outside world) helping to prevent unauthorized access to your computer / workstation.  The firewall does this by blocking certain [...]

Fedora 10+: UI video / graphics problems upon reboot to Fedora 10+. Graphics are unreadable.

PROBLEM One of the first things that went wrong after upgrading to Fedora 10 was the UI screen was unreadable / undescernable.  The screen was entirely messed up and though the keyboard worked fine, it wasn't easy to discern the UI windows from the shades of red, yellow, blue, green etc grany dots that showed [...]

Fedora 10: unable to authenticate user and reenabling the root login access.

PROBLEM In Fedora 10, the root login was disabled into the GUI, giving you a unable to authenticate user message.  You may have noticed that you got a warning about this in Fedora 9 but it wasn't yet disabled then.  Not so in Fedora 10 so this might be something you would want to do [...]

RedHat Linux Fedora: Fedora 9 to Fedora 10 upgrade.

Well folks, it's upgrade time again.  It's been raining releases from Fedora lately, each one coming out almost every 6 months so here we are.  My own installation is over 4 years old and I took it from Fedora 1 to Fedora 10 in that time. (You can search here for the older upgrade procedures)  [...]

Fedora & KDE: ERROR: Couldn’t attach to DCOP server!

DCOP server is essentially communication software used by various Linux systems to allow applications to talk to each other.  For example, copying and pasting from kword to say firefox would occur through klipper (KDE clipboard) currently and the way the copied data moves between these applications is DCOP.  More recently, DCOP has been started to be [...]

Terminal Emulators: Dynamically changing the tab title text in Konsole and alternative emulators.

Some time back I was introduced to konsole and never went back to terminal emulators like xterm, however a list of good tabbed linux terminal emulator alternatives is provided below in case konsole isn't available to all.  There are ones such as putty however this is an Windows ssh client.   Just the fact that [...]

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