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How to create a for loop to print a sequence or range of numbers on DD-WRT or busybox devices: Linux

DD-WRT run what's known as a busybox, which is a single tiny executable designed to run on enbedded devices.  busybox provides common UNIX utilities normally found on larger UNIX / Linux installations such as desktop computers.  Unfortunately it's limited and even with the shell it provides, alot of functionality such as common shell loops no [...]

WordPress: Dealing with Comment and User Registration Spam.

This is a fine one.  Anyone who uses WordPress may need to deal with this.  Unfortunately, despite using reCAPTCHA, Akismet still picks up tons of span on my blog.  So why am I getting spam comments when I have reCAPTCHA? The answer could surprise you.

Creating associative or hash arrays in bash using sed and strings without the use of arrays, looping and conditionals.

Hashes are a certainly very important part of any language.  If you're not used to hashes, you may not see their potential at first.  However, having used them in several languages now, hashes always ended up reducing my code significantly especially when only complex solutions would only do otherwise.  However, bash or ksh for that [...]

MySQL DB backup.

One of the things you definitely want to take a backup of on a regular basis, especially if you are a WebAdmin/WebMaster is that of your MySQL database for things such as a forum, blog or anything else you have that may use MySQL on your site. For this you'll need telnet/ssh login to allow [...]

C# VS Java / Python VS Perl popularity.

Was interested tonight how well Java (A language I know) is doing against other languages such as C# (One that I don't know). I'm also something of a Bash/Ksh and Perl buff so I was also interested in popularity indexes as well. I remembered earlier a site I had used to check for this.  I [...]

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